TheĀ LightHouse Special Education in The Hague is a school that focusses on children with special needs.
The School also has an International Pre-School Group, Three Little Ships, to accomodate 3-5 years old children, with and without special needs.

LearningPlus focuses on special educational needs and offers help to both parents and children.
LearningPlus offers a wide range of counselling services, from support with an individual subject to very specialized counselling for children with a disability or a disorder.

You can checkĀ This is the site of the ESENG – Expat Special Education Needs Group: the result of the collaboration among three Parent Support Groups for expat families, each one operating in the Netherlands for several years now:
– AAOF => autism association for overseas families (
– the ADHD support group (
– the Dyslexia Parent Support Group (

Several international schools offer remedial teaching. It would be wise to contact the schools directly for more information about their facilities.

For children with a (Dutch-)language deficiency check the digital teacher
Juffrouw Blom (in Dutch).