SIO conference on 3 February 2016

Inform and inspire, international education and internationalisation within education in the Netherlands

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The state of internationalization in the Netherlands since the first advice “Internationaliseringsagenda 2006-2011” of the Education Council, by Prof. Dr Jan Anthonij Bruijn.
Characteristics and good practices of EB and IB by Mr Michael Robert Gray
Philosophy as enriching element in the European Curriculum, Drs N.F. Steenbeek
Implementing an elementary school mother-tongue literacy program  by Mrs Marga Akerboom and Mrs Nancy Kroonenberg (American International School of Rotterdam)
How does an International Baccalaureate course get made, by Dr David Hawley
Short introduction into the European School system by Mr Kari Kivinen
Thoughts about European School system Curriculum rethinking process by Mr Giancarlo Marcheggiano