Name of School Florencius International School
Headmaster Mr. Peter van Kranenburg
Contact Person Mrs. Sanne Schuringa
Address De Sovornin Lohmanlaan 2
1181 XM Amstelveen
Telephone +31 (0)20-6408118
Type of Education IPC- Primary School
Language of Instruction English
Type of Qualification Private Primary School
Age Range 5-12 years
Composition of Student Body International
Total Number of Pupils 50
Total Number of Teachers 10
Average Class Size 12
School Fees € 20.550  per schoolyear
Other Fees € 275,- Application fee
€ 575,- Assesment fee
Admission Requirements Completion of application form, previous school reports,
interview with the Admissions Officer and Leader for Learning
Entrance throughout the year
Stream change
Further education possibilities Many, in co-operation with other international schools
School Hours (daily schedule) 8.25/8.45 – 15.30 with half day on Wednesday;
Transport to and from School by bike, car or public transport
School Holiday Periods In line with Dutch schools in Noord Holland

Florencius distinguishes itself from
other schools by providing optimalteaching conditions.  We work in small groups (1 professional with 8 children at most), which makes it possible to give each pupil personal attention and guidance. We focus on the identity and talents of each pupil helping them to develop into self-confident global citizens.