of School
International Department of Groningse Schoolvereniging
Headmaster Mr. T.J. Wiegman
Admissions/Contact Person Mr. J. van der Mark
Mrs. G. Koning
Address Sweelincklaan 4; 9722 JV Groningen
Telephone +31 (0)50 52 708 18 or (0)6 20 73 85 51 (mobile number)
Telefax n.a.
Type of Education Primary Education
Language of Instruction English
Type Qualification IPC and National curriculum
Age Range 4 – 11/12 years
Total Number of Pupils 175 (+ 530 bilingual and HB-department)
Total Number of Teachers 18 (+ 52 bilingual and HB department)
Average Class Size 18-22
Activities all normal school activities and various after school activities between september and june
School Fees between € 3,200.- and € 4,000.- per child per year
Other Fees
Admission + Advised Entrance Dates no special entrance date, entrance is possible during the whole year
Admission Requirements knowledge of English is preferable, but not essential; school reports of previous schools have to be provided
Admission Deadlines none
Counsellor Mr. T.J. Wiegman
Possibilities of Stream Changes change of stream is possible in consultation with the principal
Further Education Possibilities preschool/int school Groningen for secundary education; Dutch, music, Mandarin, Russian, German, French
School Hours (daily schedule) 8.30 – 15.00 (mon/tue/thu/fri)
8.30 – 12.30 (wed)
Transport to and from School bike, car, bus, train, taxi, but parental responsibility
School Holiday Periods see school website:
school guide is available upon request