The LightHouse Special Education in The Hague is a school that focusses on children with special needs.
The School also has an International Pre-School Group, Three Little Ships, to accomodate 3-5 years old children, with and without special needs.

LearningPlus focuses on special educational needs and offers help to both parents and children.
LearningPlus offers a wide range of counselling services, from support with an individual subject to very specialized counselling for children with a disability or a disorder.

Inclusion4all is an educational consultancy focussed on supporting families with children with additional educational needs and their schools. Inclusion4all can assist parents in finding an appropriate school in the international and Dutch communities. Inclusion4all also can also offer assessment and educational planning services.

You can check This is the site of the ESENG – Expat Special Education Needs Group: the result of the collaboration among three Parent Support Groups for expat families, each one operating in the Netherlands for several years now:
– AAOF => autism association for overseas families (
– the ADHD support group (
– the Dyslexia Parent Support Group (

Several international schools offer remedial teaching. It would be wise to contact the schools directly for more information about their facilities.

For children with a (Dutch-)language deficiency check the digital teacher
Juffrouw Blom (in Dutch).